Listen to a Podcast About Problematic Sexual Behavior

I recently published an article that introduced a sexual health framework for categorizing chronically problematic sexual behavior. Soon after this, Craig Perra, who is an expert at helping me overcome compulsive sexual behavior, interviewed me for his podcast called The Mindful Habit.  (Craig is a great host who enthusiastically supports new ideas.) I think it went pretty well for my first podcast.  The length gave me a chance to include a lot of explanations and historical context for the development of this framework. 

My next goal is to practice presenting this effectively in a shorter period of time.  If anybody has any ideas about future appearances please let me know.  Meanwhile, you can watch the video version of my interview here or listen to it later by downloading the audio podcast here I have also posted both a brief summary of this framework for understanding categories of problematic sexual behavior and   the full article.

In the meantime, if you would like to meet with a counselor or therapist in Atlanta who helps people overcome sex and porn addiction along with other forms of problematic sexual behavior please feel free to contact me so schedule an appointment.