Men's Group For Problematic Sexual Behavior

In addition to helping individuals and couples heal from the consequences of problematic sexual behavior, I run 7 men's groups a week.  With 7 men in each group, I have the honor of working weekly with almost 50 men of extraordinary courage.  I've got a couple of openings, which is rare, and this gives me an opportunity to bring this valuable form of mutual healing to a man who is ready to grow and develop into the best he can be.

I started my first group over a decade ago (it still meets, although the membership has changed several times).  After a few months with this group I realized that this way of bringing men together to help each other has tremendous value. One piece of evidence for that claim is that most members stay in a group for over two years (although the only commitment is 12 weeks). Men quickly learn how valuable and rare it is to be part of a weekly circle of authentic men living with true courage and dedicated to personal growth.

The one shared characteristic of the men in these groups is that each of them has had some aspect of their sexual behavior that has taken them away from how they truly want to live. Many men have been involved in multiple incidents of infidelity. For others their issue involved using overwhelming amounts of porn. For some men this behavior was compulsive, for others it was a series of poor choices reflecting a need for deep character growth. All of these men are working hard to heal themselves and their damaged relationships. These are good men who have just wandered far from how they were meant to live. Although some men in my groups identify themselves as sex or porn addicts, others don't use this language. No matter what you call it, it's all some form of problematic sexual behavior.

Joining this group can be a life-changing decision. I can claim that with extreme confidence.