My Chapter in Sex Addiction Book

I was honored by an invitation to contribute a chapter to a book titled Reflections on the History of the Sex Addiction Field..  The editors wanted to document the "early days" of this field in order for people to understand some history they would not otherwise have an opportunity to know about. 

For several years I took a very active role coordinating the annual conference for the National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (NCSAC), so I got to know almost everybody important in the field at the time.  I was also one of the earliest and most sustained voices who successfully advocated for the creation of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH).  My book chapter describes my role and viewpoints during this important transtional period in creating organizational support for the development of expanded ways of treating sex addiction and related forms of problematic sexual behavior.  I also describe my opinions about the need to continually develop more theories and models for understanding and helping people who engage in sexual behavior that conflicts with their commitments, their values and/or their self control.

It still feels weird to have a chapter in this book alongside people who I consider truly esteemed leaders in the field of sex addiction!  I just "suited up and showed up", as the saying goes, and wasn't shy about sharing my opinions and continuing to expand them.  I leave the value of my contributions up to the reader and my clients.


Bill Herring LCSW, CSAT is an Atlanta counselor who specializes in treating sex or pornography addiction and many other complex sexual dilemmas.