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Welcome to Bill Herring's Blog

Here's a collection of little essays and observations I have authored over the years about a variety of topics related to personal growth, emotional development, relationship enhancement and other topics I find meaningful and interesting. (Please note that I have recently removed about 90 blog posts, to prepare them for publication in book form in 2024.)

You can read small snippets of each blog post below: click the title of any that interest you to read the entire post.   I hope you enjoy some of what you find on these pages.


No Courage Without Fear

Fer is a natural emotion when facing an intense life challenge.  It is also a great motivator, according to Atlanta counselor BIll Herring LCSW, CSAT. Read more about No Courage Without Fear

Long Train, Big Mountain

Most lasting changes are not dramatic but subtle, and take place over time rather than immediately, according to Atlanta therapist and sex addiction expert BIll Herring LCSW, CSAT. Read more about Long Train, Big Mountain


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