Transforming My Disappointing Workshop Into A Valuable Event

On August 4, 2023 I gave an online workshop applying the Problematic Sexual Behavior Framework (PSBF) to group therapy, something I've been doing for thousands of group hours over the past decade with hundreds of men who often stay for years because of the benefits they receive.  Since this type of group format has been so incredibly beneficial for my clients I wanted to teach others how to utilize it for their own purposes and populations. 

However, as soon as the workshop was over I knew that something was missing.  I didn't immediately know what the problem was but upon reflection the answer was suddenly clear to me.  I've written up the insights I gained deconstructing my presentation, resulting in this detailed "workshop addendum" that is available to anyone who attended (as well as anyone else who is interested in understanding the development of the PSB Framework as it continues to find its role in the world).

The short story is that some of my August 4th presentation went well, including a concise yet comprehensive explanation of the Problematic Sexual Behavior Framework (PSBF).  However, the  second half was little more than "how Bill runs his groups".  I know now that I relied too heavily on teaching the material structure of one PSB group rather than the essential conceptual structure that is transferrable across group formats and purposes.  What fundamentally distinguishes a PSB group is its ability to overlay stable conversational domains onto any meaningful group interaction, a simple sentence with some profound implications that are discussed at length in the "workshop addendum".

So this is my "amends" to my audience as well as an opportunity to continue practicing how to present these core ideas with clarity and depth in a way people easily "get".  I'm still learning how to talk about the PSBF with dexterity and easy engagement.   It was important to me to write and post this acknowledgement that my presentation missed the mark and to show what I have learned and done about it, as fully set forth in this "workshop addendum".