My Upcoming Workshop on How to Use the PSB Framework to Provide Group therapy

I'm looking forward to presenting a workshop on how to provide group therapy using the Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) Framework. I will teach mental and sexual health professionals how to provide group therapy using the PSB Framework to members who both and don't self-identify as sex addicts by offering them a common sexual health goal (I run 7 groups using this format).

People who self-identify as sex addicts typically rely heavily on each other for mutual support to achieve their sexual health goals based on their perception that only sex addicts can truly understand each other. This workshop gently challenges that notion by offering an innovative, simple and universally applicable method to determine if any part of a person’s sexual behavior can be considered “problematic”. It’s an alternative approach to assessing whether a person is a “sex addict” (yes, which is real, and the PSB Framework supports the sex addiction knowledge base.)

By eliminating diminished sexual self-control as a criterion for treatment, this framework provides a much-needed basis for expanding clinical assistance to people who engage in destructive patterns of chronically problematic sexual behavior but who currently remain either ineligible for traditional sex addiction treatment eligibility or who engage in behavior that can just as readily be described by other languages.

The PSB Framework is a “sex positive” approach that is equally useful for people with more conservative sexual values. It uses descriptions rather than labels, which reduces resistance to self-examination and avoids the risk of assessment “confirmation bias”. The PSB Framework is helpful in so many settings that I call it the "Swiss Army knife" of assessment tools. Since it consists of only five questions it is extremely simple and practical for healthcare generalists.

The PSB Framework is extremely useful in promoting sexual health conversations among people who may be initially resistant to self-reflection and eliminates many barriers that tend to impede people from seeking assistance for their problematic sexual behavior,

I could write so much more about it but for more information some of the other prominent postings on my website and blog. It's exciting to see this framework start to gain traction! This workshop will be on Friday August 1st from 10:00 to 11:30 EST. Here's more information about it, including a link to registering.