Comments From Former Clients

The following comments are excerpted from both personal written communication and Kudzu, an Atlanta-based rating service (that is unfortunately no longer in business). Note that there are not many reviews in recent years because I simply decided to stop asking for them. I'm humbled and honored by these comments and I hope they will help you feel comfortable about working with me for your personal needs.


"I came to Bill for help with an addiction to porn.  He was always kind, never judgmental, and seemed to always know just what to ask or say.  As we slowly peeled back the onion (yes, sometimes there were tears!) I came to see myself in a much healthier light.  I haven't looked at porn in almost a year and my marriage is stronger than it has ever been.  BIll was a blessing in my life." (11/11/16)


"I did not know what to expect when I walked into Bill's office because I had never been to a therapist before.  I will always remember how he put me at ease right away, and before I knew it I had told him things I had never told anybody before.  He supported me and challenged me in a good way to face parts of myself I had trouble facing.  If I ever need to go back into therapy I know who it will be with.  Thanks Bill!" (4/19/2016)


"The sessions I had with Bill were life changing.  I'm very grateful I chose him.  He is a very "human" therapist, genuine and caring in his approach.  He obviously knows his stuff." (10/16/2015)


"Bill helped with through an extraordinarily difficult time of life.  His wise counsel and practical suggestions helped me stop acting out a pattern of unhealthy behavor and address the core issues that were driving them.  I will be forever grateful for his help." (6/24/2015)


"After meeting with me for several months, my wife started coming in with me to work on our relationship.  Bill was very compassionate an understanding of her needs and concerns......We have had huge sucess in our relationship and my recovery together......I would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to Bill." (10/14/2014)


"(Y)ou were the right guy at the right time.........Your friendship and consultation have been excellent. I will always be grateful for that." (9/17/2014)


"(Bill) has helped me immensely, through my lowest moments until now.  He is responsive in crisis moments and supportive no matter what frame of mind I'm in or what I'm going through.  He balances empathy with sound advice." (5/23/2014)


"As compared to other therapists I have known, Bill is head and shoulders above them all........If you have a need for individual or couples therapy of any type you would be hurting yourself to not consider Bill. He is the best healthcare professional I have ever known and the only therapist I trust." (3/11/2014)


"I have done a great deal of personal work over the past years through therapy and intensive workshops, but I had a unique experience with Bill. He was completely professional, but I never felt the sense of professional detachment that I have in the past with other therapists. Words can’t express what he provided me......" (2/24/2013)


"The time I spent with Bill was extraordinary.  He really helped me resolve some current issues by way of his kind presence, unassuming ways, and the breadth of his knowledge and experience......It didn't take long before there were tremendous breakthroughs on my part and truly transformative healing.  I found my therapy with Bill to be just what I needed in my life, in my career, and in my relationships, especially with my spouse.  Bill has a gift of true healing and I am very happy to have worked with him....." (4/19/2012)


"I will be forever grateful for the work and time I spent with Bill......(He) made me feel incredibly comfortable with sharing my issues, and guided me through each one, and ultimately to a place where I know I'll always have peace, contentment, and happiness again." (11/5/2011)


"My husband and I saw Bill during the most difficult time in our lives and our marriage. We were at rock bottom. Bill was a calming, reassuring presence that helped us to see a brighter future was possible......We will always be thankful to Bill. He is a skilled and compassionate therapist." (10/26/2011)


"Bill has essentially provided me with help and advice that have been truly life-changing!" (4/4/2011)


"From our first meeting to the last, Bill always.....created a safe space for sharing and offered interesting and insightful comments to our discussions. This was my first counseling interaction and it was one of the most positive experiences in my life." (12/26/2010)


"Bill is an amazing therapist that gets to the root cause quickly, understanding the deep-rooted issues and offers lasting resolutions. Bill was able to save my marriage and allow me finally to understand my true feelings and change my reaction to hurtful situations." (9/7/10)


"Bill has been an invaluable guide.....He possesses an uncommon empathy that combines with wisdom and truth-telling. These capacities have led me to resources of courage I did not know I had......Bill has been an invaluable guide...... (who has) led me to resources of courage I did not know I had. At each crisis in recovery – self-blame, paralysis, spiritual emptiness, loss of purpose – Bill was there to counsel, never to judge. With Bill as a life mentor, I relearned how to give and to receive, to meet and to be met......Bill is a healer. It’s a very high calling." (8/7/2010)


"Bill Saved my Life -- A couple of times.  At a low point in my marriage, the bottom of my work career, my only way out was death. Thank God I found Bill. I used Bill as a marriage coach and a career coach and I got much more than that. Today I'm sober in my two main marriage is BETTER than EVER.....and I am happy working today!  THANKS Bill!" (7/27/2010)


"Bill was great to work with. He is kind, a good listener and non-judgemental. He helped me get through some of the darkest times of my life and taught me to believe in myself. I highly recommend Bill and have already referred others to him." (2/18/2010)

"Bill Herring helped me through the process of recovering from addiction and with marital issues. He is very effective and knowledgeable and is an excellent life coach. I.....would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with addiction issues or marital issues." (8/27/2009)

"Very effective.....In just two sessions we were on our way again enjoying a more fulfilling life as a couple." (6/5/2009) 


"I can honestly say that Bill saved my life......I have had experience with other therapists.  None have been as effective as Bill.....I believe that Bill is above and beyond the best therapist in Atlanta."  (4/29/2009)

"Words cannot express how much Bill Herring has influenced my life.  I was suicidal and in a deep depression and Bill gave me hope.  He gave me kindness and compassion.  He guided me with love and understanding.....I would recommend him to anyone that is going through a dark place in their life."  (4/15/2009) 


"I was fortunate to have found Bill Herring at a difficult crossroad in my life.....(H)e gave me tremendous insight into human nature, and a much healthier way to view life's challenges.....Bill is a highly skilled therapist, and I would not hesitate to call on him again in the future." (1/18/2009)


"I never thought that having someone to help me through my troubles would have made such a difference.....With the help of Bill, I am now the happiest that I can ever recall, and enjoying life."


"Bill truly is 'One of Atlanta's most effective therapists'.....Bill is genuinely gifted as a therapist.....The value of his wisdom, therapeutic skill, and compassion is immeasurable."  (10/23/2008)

"My family came to Bill at the DARKEST hour of our lives.....Immediately and methodically Bill helped us tackle our problems and now months later we are all healing and are better people because of Bill.  He is simply the BEST!"  (10/22/2008)

"I want to thank you for the amazing session today. And thank you for your professionalism and expert handling of my rapid-fire rambling. You also create a very comfortable atmosphere. I'm very positive about more good things to surface from the experience." (10/9/2008) 


"You helped us enormously! I think our marriage is much stronger than ever, thanks largely to the work we did together........Thanks for all you did and continue to do for your clients." (8/21/2008)

"I am so grateful to have you as a trusted guide in my life. Thank you for being a kindred, fellow traveler with me. And thanks for helping me turn the flashlight on in the dark places.(8/20/2008)

"I can honestly say that Bill Herring saved my marriage. I came to him with some issues of my own that were threatening to sink my marriage, and Bill was able to guide me and then me and my wife through solutions that turned out to work wonderfully for us. I can say that our marriage of 11 years is now stronger than it's ever been, and it is definitely due to our work with Bill. He is one of the gentlest, non judgmental souls I have ever met. He has the perfect demeanor for this job. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone needing help!" (6/24/2008)

" of the most non-judgmental people I have ever encountered.....I felt that I could really be honest, and therefore get the best advice. I always felt that he had my best interests at heart.....He is to me a counselor, a life guide and even in general terms a spiritual advisor. I would not hesitate to return to work with him again if the time came that I felt I could use it." (5/12/2008)

"I was apprehensive at first, since I had never been to a therapist before, but Bill made things very easy and comfortable. He is a great listener and he ever so gently injected nuggets of wisdom and insight that proved to be right on the mark.…..I’m now happier and more grounded, regardless of what others say or do.…... But best of all, with Bill’s patience, skill, and guidance, I’m on the path to stopping a generational pattern that could have had a profound, negative impact on my two school age children. Bill seemed to know exactly when to listen, what to say, and even when to suggest that I was ready to “fly solo”.…..Thank you, Bill!" (4/26/2008)

"I was really surprised at how easy it was for me to talk to him about my problems and at how well he was able to discern the underlying causes. His advice to me was always right on target -- plus he's a really nice guy........Bill had raised my expectations to a point where I was unwilling to waste my time with someone less capable.........Bill is simply the best." (3/16/2008)

"Our work has been both profound and affirming. Bill is wonderfully empathic. Although this work is hard at times, my therapy is extremely healing and helpful and I look forward to our sessions. Bill has brought fresh resources to me that help me between our sessions and has also affirmed the use of other life resources I too often forget. Perhaps most important, he is open to my feedback about our sessions and modifies his approach to what is working for me. Life is MUCH better since working with Bill and I recommend him very highly." (2/15/2008)

"I was glad to have the list of questions available on your blog ("how to get the most out of our session") that helped me pinpoint my most important topics. I've been in counseling before, but I've never felt that I got so much accomplished in one hour before meeting you!" (1/29/2008)

"Bill is a kind, caring, insightful and effective counselor. There is a depth to his spirituality and counseling that helped me to understand the healing process more fully and my place in it. I recommend Bill wholeheartedly." (12/03/2007)

"I was able to relate to Bill intellectually and emotionally and share my fears, shortcomings, failures and learn to grow beyond them. I learned to be happy with me. I also learned how to be a better parent and friend. Bill was always supportive and honest, a very difficult balance. My life was changed through his help. I am happy on the inside. It shows on the outside. People used to describe me as reserved and snooty, now I am called happy and bubbly. We all have challenges. I am now able to handle mine as they come along." (8/31/2007)

".....Bill has walked beside me and helped me face the unfaceable with my eyes wide open and grow because of it. Bill has remained steadfast in his support of my sometimes fearful and sometimes brave efforts to become a person I never imagined I could be. Bill’s counseling is usually gentle and often humorous, but don’t think that he won’t get up in your face and speak truth when it needs to be done – even if you don’t want to hear it. .....If you’re looking for someone who is direct, insightful, compassionate, and ready to meet you wherever you are emotionally and help you work through whatever issues you are facing then you would do well to see Bill Herring." (8/23/2007)

"Mr. Herring is kind, patient, and a very good listener, but he does not simply listen and tell you what he thinks you may want to hear. Instead, with the great clinical intuition and perception he has, he gets an objective picture of what is going on with you, and how external events and your reactions to them are causing problems in your life. He then tactfully helps you to understand the things he sees operating in your life which are contributing to your unhappiness. This is ideal, because you don't just "feel good" when you leave Mr. Herring's office because someone has been sympathetic with you, but instead you leave with more of an objective idea of why you're unhappy or having problems, and you are also armed with some ideas about things you can do to change your situation for the better. The therapy process with Mr. Herring is extremely helpful, and I would very strongly recommend him to anyone." (5/25/2007)

"I can't say enough good things about Bill. Each time I visit it’s like being washed in clean, cool water. Okay, sometimes the water is ice cold but that’s why I'm there. Our exchanges are safe, comforting, enlightening and confirming." (5/08/2007)

"He is wonderful. I find him intelligent, caring, knowledgeable of addiction and how to treat it. He has saved my life on more than one occasion and manages to do it with a bit of a sense of humor, which has been important for me.....I have a huge amount of trust and respect for Bill." (3/03/2007)

"On more than one occasion Bill has pulled me out of the swamp. I have gone to MANY therapists over the years, but none have made it so easy to be so honest." (2/07/2007)

"The term "life changing experience" is often overused in today's society. That said, working with Bill Herring truly changed my life. He is a sincere, caring professional, and if he cannot help you he will find someone who can. Though I have not worked with him in a couple of years, I still find myself quoting him on a regular basis. He gave me the tools to deal with the issues I needed to deal with. It did change my life- straight up!" (1/25/2007)

"My husband and I met with 3 different therapists (a psychiatrist, a PhD and a LCSW) in order to find a person whom we both felt comfortable with (my husband not being a big believer in therapy) and whom we felt would be perceptive and experienced enough to tackle the serious relationship, sexual and parenting issues that have come up since the birth of our first child. Bill initially struck us as a direct, honest, and insightful therapist with a good sense of humor. On our first meeting he suggested immediate behavioral changes that probably kept my husband and I together and brought us to a place where we could begin to communicate again. In particular, as a couples therapist Bill has a way of communicating a thought in several different ways until it makes sense to both my husband and I (who can approach things very differently). Bill is a great therapist and I believe has done what no other therapist could have done - which is show my husband and I a common ground where can now meet and begin all the hard work involved in repairing and maintaining our relationship. I would highly recommend him to any individual or couple looking to work hard to change the things in their lives that they want to change." (11/28/2006)

"Bill has been so very helpful treating my depression and other issues such as self-acceptance. I have a much better self-esteem today because of his ability to target the flaws in my feelings and thought processes and reversing them to help me see the reality of situations. He is not judgmental and is truthful in expressing his opinions." (10/30/2006)

"We were initially skeptical about attending counseling again as a couple-our first two attempts were not effective. Bill proved to be the right choice. He has helped us develop better communication skills and a growing respect and love for each other. We highly recommend him. What a small investment really, for a major change in our marriage and relationship with each other. Additionally, as an African-American couple, ethnicity was not a factor in our ability to bond and work with him." (9/20/2006)

"I always leave our sessions with renewed hope and clarity of purpose." (8/06/2006) 


"Whether you're struggling with relationships with spouses or children, dealing with addictions, or just needing sage advice, Bill Herring is spot-on with his guidance. Direct when he needs to be, but never threatening. Compassionate and caring? Absolutely. Smart, definitely. Professional, always. My marriage has blossomed because of Bill's help." (6/23/2006)

"Bill Herring was recommended to me at a very crucial time in my life. With a wonderful mix of compassion and professionalism, he was my guide through a difficult transition. He helped me learn new, "no nonsense" ways to relate to life's challenges." (5/25/2006)

"Bill and I connected on many levels and I felt that I benefited from him in more ways than I can say. Without reservation, I recommend him. He helped him in ways that I honestly think no one else could have." (5/24/06)

"After bouncing around to quite a few therapists in my past, I can say without hesitation that Bill has the ability to offer honest, insightful assistance without ever coming across as judgmental or heavy handed. No matter the issue, Bill has been able to provide some key advice that has helped me tremendously. I can't recommend him enough!" (5/10/2006)

"He truly loves what he does and it is noticeable when you talk to him. He always seems to have great insight and suggestions customized to my own personal issues. He is very easy to talk to, and I would recommend him to everyone. He is truly the best in town!" (5/04/2006)

"Compassionate, encouraging, brilliant, amusing, pragmatic, insightful, non-judgmental….. I could go on and on. He’s simply the best. You can't go wrong with Bill." (5/03/2006)