Guide To Atlanta Sex Addiction Resources

Atlanta has lots of support groups and treatment options for people wanting to overcome the destructive cycle of sex or porn addiction.  Here are some of the most effective sources for help in the Atlanta area.

I'm able to provide this information because I am a counselor, psychotherapist and consultant in Atlanta who specializes in helping people overcome sexual behavior that conflicts with their promises, values and/or self-control. These behaviors may involve unhealthy use of pornography, spending money for sex (including prostitutes, 'escorts', strip clubs or sexual 'massage parlors'), anonymous sexual hook-ups, repeated affairs or other forms of chronic infidelity.  

While there can be lots of causes for these kinds of behaviors, many people reach the point where they wonder if they are fully in control of what themselves.  They may feel driven to continue doing what they know is wrong or unwanted. In such situations I often recommend attending a few support group meetings for sex addiction to learn how that can help a person stop unwanted sexual behavior.  These free meetings can be very powerful and transform lives of those who give them a chance. 

Atlanta 12- Step Support Groups for Sex Addiction

In the Atlanta area there are about a hundred 12-step support groups that meet weekly to help people gain control over their sexual behavior. These meetings are free to attend and everyone just uses their first names for privacy.  You can go as often or as little as you want, and you don't have to talk if you don't want to.  There is generally no need to call ahead before going to one of these meetings, although most groups provide an email address or contact person you can reach out to for more information. 

Some people find it very difficult to even imagine walking into a 12-step meeting for sex addiction.  Since most objections fall into some common categories, I wrote an article titled "12 Step Groups: 12 Objections and 12 Responses" that you may find helpful to read.

Atlanta is home to several different "brands" of 12-step meetings for sex addiction, each with a slightly different name.  The reason for this is because they all started in different parts of the country a few years apart, and each has gradually grown to the point where they overlap in most major cities.  All of them are available in Atlanta:

All of these groups provide support for people who want to gain control of their sexual behavior.  The main difference between them is that each 12-step group defines the concept of "sexual sobriety" a little differently

It used to be difficult to find information in one place about these different meetings, so as a public service I created this list of Atlanta 12-step meetings for sex addiction.

Atlanta Support Groups for Partners of Sex Addicts and Other Sexual Betrayers

People who learn that their partner is a sex addict or other chronic sexual betrayer usually feel very shocked, confused, isolated, angry, and ashamed.  They often don't feel like they can share their burden with family members or friends.  It is extremely upsetting to discover that your partner has engaged in acts of sexual deception, especially if this has happened over and over.  Attending support group meetings with other people who are in the same situation can be a very supportive and empowering thing to do.

Atlanta has several support group meetings specifically for spouses and other partners of sex addicts.

  • "S-Anon" meetings are modeled on the principles of Al-Anon Family Groups (which is the name of the 12-step support group for family members of alcoholics). The Atlanta S-Anon website maintains a listing of meetings S-Anon meetings in Atlanta.
  • PoSA (Partners of Sex Addicts) is a non-12 step-based support group focusing on healing from the betrayal trauma of sex addiction, but unfortunately at this time I don't think Atlanta has a PoSA meeting.  

Professional Assistance, Counseling and Rehab for Sex Addiction in Atlanta

There are many levels of professional counseling for someone struggling with addictive or compulsive sexual behavior.  The most basic resource is to find a licensed mental health provider who has been trained on how to assess, treat and refer people with a sex addiction.  It's important to keep in mind that there is a wide range of experience and opinion about sex addiction among therapists and counselors.  It can be a good idea to ask anyone you contact about their experience, training and approach to this issue.  Even a person who doesn't solely specialize in this field can receive a basic level of professional education such as completing the Advanced Training in Problematic Sexual Behavior certificate program, which is a course I helped to develop that is offered by the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH).

A step above a general therapist or counselor is to find a professional who is extensively trained in evaluating and helping a person who has a possible sex or porn addiction.  Once source is to find a  Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) .  This is a person who is deeply trained in a specific model for sex addiction that has benefitted thousands of people.  Another source is to find a therapist who is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH).  I recommended that spouses and other partners of sex addicts look for a counselor who is a certified by the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS). 

More intensive forms of 'treatment' or 'rehab' for sex addiction exist, but not in Atlanta.  They can range from a few days of "intensive outpatient" care to 6 weeks or longer of inpatient treatment, depending on a lot of factors.  I don't suggest this option very often for the people to come to my Atlanta counseling practice, but sometimes this is the way to go.  Those who do go to these places usually feel transformed in many lasting ways.  There are too many options nationwide that I can recommend based on each specific situation for me to try to list here.  If you want to go in this direction I recommend scheduling an appointment with me to go into more detail about your needs and options to consider for meeting them.


In summary, there is lots of help available in Atlanta for anyone who wants help for sex addiction or other sexual behavior that violates their commitment, values and/or self-control.   Obviously, I welcome you to schedule an appointment with me if I can be of assistance to you.